JESSICA2: A Parallel Java Computing Engine with Thread Migration
  • Principal Investigator: Dr. C.L. Wang
  • Co-Investigator: Dr. Francis C.M. Lau
  • Source of Funding: RGC (HKU 7030/01E)
  • Team Members:
  • Benny W.L. Cheung; Matchy J.M. Ma; Weijian Fang; Wenzhang Zhu; Zoe C.H. Yu
  • About the Project
    In this research, we propose to develop a new Java virtual machine, named JESSICA2, based on our previous project JESSICA ("Java-Enabled Single-System-Image Computing Architecture") to support parallel execution of multithreaded Java applications in a networked cluster environment. JESSICA2 can achieve thread mobility through a lightweight thread migration technique. A cluster-aware Just-In-Time compiler will be incorporated in JESSICA2 for accelerating the execution speed. With the new JIT compiler and thread migration support, Java threads that are executing computation hotspots can be migrated to other nodes to achieve more effective load balancing. JESSICA2 is implemented as a middleware at the virtual machine level that makes a cluster appear as a single, multi-processor machine to Java applications. With JESSICA2, users can log onto any computing node and launch any Java application without modification of its Java code. Java threads can freely move across node boundaries and execute in parallel to achieve more scalable high-performance computing using clusters.

    JESSICA2's Updates
  • Ray Tracing on Gideon 64-node: Speedup = 40.75 (Dec, 2002)
  • Dr. C.L. Wang's talk at Hong Kong Java User Group (HKJUG) (Dec 18, 2002) (PPT)
  • Project Details

  • Publications
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