8-Port Gigabit Switch Dell PowerEdge 6300: dx1 Dell PowerEdge 6300: dx2 Dell PowerEdge 6300: dx3 Dell PowerEdge 6300: dx4 ALR Revolution 6X6: alr1 ALR Revolution 6X6: alr2 WINCHIP CLUSTER WINCHIP CLUSTER 24-Port Fast Ethernet Switch 24-Port Fast Ethernet Switch FAST CLUSTER LOGIN MACHINES

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We have built the 300-node Gideon Cluster (a picture is shown below). Please go to http://www.srg.cs.hku.hk/gideon/ to see the project description and some photos.

Our other clusters are as follows:

Fast and Dx Cluster
(Dx now integrated as the server
for the Gideon cluster)

P3 Cluster (Ostrich)


Real1 Cluster

Real2 (SRG-Dell) Cluster (Retired)


The SRG Lab is in CYC414. It contains the following clusters:

  • The Real 1 Cluster: A 16-machine cluster of P2-300 MHz Lasertron PCs, each with 128MB RAM, running Linux Redhat 7.0 (Kernel 2.4.2).
  • The Real 2 (SRG Dell) Cluster: A 16-machine cluster (but now only 13 is working) of P2-300 MHz PCs, each with 128MB RAM, running Linux Redhat 6.2 (Kernel 2.2.14).
  • The P3 (Ostrich) Cluster: A 32-machine cluster of P3-733 MHz Dell PCs, each with 128MB RAM, running Linux Redhat 6.2 but kernel upgraded to 2.4.2.
  • Fast Cluster: A 8-machine cluster of P2-450 MHz dual-processor PCs, each with 128 MB RAM, running Linux Redhat 5.3 (kernel 2.2.1).
  • Dx Cluster: A 4-machine cluster of Dell Poweredge 6300 4-way SMP machines, running Redhat 6.1 (kernel 2.2.12).
  • The ALR machine (4-way SMP, old but powerful) is serving as the file server. It is running Linux Redhat 7.0 (kernel 2.4.2).

Right now, all machines are connected using Fast Ethernet with Intel or IBM switches, thus the bandwidth can reach 100 Mbit/s. For the P3 cluster, we also have the Gigabit Ethernet connection through the 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch.

The software used are mostly related to the SRG researches, such as Java and Kaffe, MPI, Distributed Shared Memory systems such as TreadMarks, JIAJIA, and some codings developed by SRG members -- such as Directed Point (DP), JESSICA systems, Clusterprobe (cluster management tool) and JUMP (a software DSM). Please visit our Research Homepage for details.


Main ** People ** Research ** Publications ** Facilities ** Links