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Cluster management software is necessary to harness the collective computing power in a cluster. ClusterProbe provides a set of Java-based cluster management tools for maintenance, monitoring, and dynamic configuration of both the computing and communication resources. ClusterProbe also supports a runtime environment for the execution of parallel tasks such as MPI. An integrated GUI will be implemented for users and system administrator to access the cluster in a simple and friendly manner. Several useful services are implemented in ClusterProbe, including the visualization of cluster resources information in various forms and cluster fault management. These services have been used to assist the execution of a cluster-based search engine and a distributed N-body application. All experiments demonstrate high efficiency and good performance improvement.

Technical Paper

  • Zhengyu Liang, Yudong Sun, and Cho-Li Wang. "ClusterProbe: An Open, Flexible and Scalable Cluster Monitoring Tool," the First International Workshop on Cluster Computing, pp. 261-268, Dec. 2-3, 1999. (Paper in PS, 1112KB)



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