Date Descriptions
Oct 3, 2002 All the Legend PCs were unpacked and moved to HW305.
Oct 4-5, 2002 Network cabling.
Oct 7, 2002 Network booting test.
Oct 17, 2002 256 nodes from the Gideon 300 cluster were used (by Sit) to perform Linpack benchmarking. The 256 nodes achieved a Linpack performance of 290 Gflops, which could be ranked 169th according to the old TOP500 list for June 2002. Later in the same day, the 256 nodes achieved a Linpack performance of 304 Gflops with the efficiency of 29.6%. Intel compiler and LAM/MPI were used in the test. An hour or so was required for each test, using a problem size of 119808. Anthony reported that the room temperature was 36 degree celsius (only one air conditioner was working) when he left the laboratory.
Oct 19, 2002 HKU Open Day. The PC Cluster Laboratory (HW305) was opened for the public. Parallel ray-tracing and JESSICA2 were shown. (Photos)
Oct 21, 2002 Linpack benchmarking on the whole Gideon 300 Cluster was started.
Oct 26, 2002 GD193 went dead completely. Its BIOS couldn't be booted up. It was found that one machine had memory error after the Linpack test was performed. The error was revealed from the erroneous calculated values in the benchmark result. Sit tried to figure out the source of the problem and finally found that it was the machine which had memory error to cause the problem.
Oct 28, 2002 (11:19) Sit identified the problem which broke the machine. It was due to the memory failure. In total, two machines were found to have the memory problem.
Oct 28, 2002 (13:30) One more machine went dead because of the memory failure problem. So altogether we had three broken machines with memory error. Their memory bars were replaced.
Oct 28, 2002 (18:00) Final Linpack result: 355.5 GFLOPS, N=129600 (Full report)
Nov 6, 2002 32 Gideon PCs were allocated to CE2 and SE2 students for doing their POS (Principles of Operating System) assignment. The course was taught by Dr. C.L. Wang.
Nov 15, 2002 The Gideon 300 Cluster was ranked #175 on the TOP500 list (Nov 2002).
Dec 4, 2002 A delegation led by Prof. Xuzong Chen (Vice Dean of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science) visited our department. We demonstrated JESSICA2 using 64 nodes from the Gideon cluster to them.
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